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"Damian took the standards of high quality food to a completely different level." - Nancy & Bill; Irvine, California

"Damian's cuisine was like 5-star dining every evening!"- Tina & Ron; Naples, Florida

"The food was just outstanding. We repeat: every single meal was outstanding. We will do our best to take Damian home to Brazil!"- Mara & Marcio

"The luxury treatment really helped ease the aches and pains!" - Rhian

"Damian-you have served some of the best meals we have ever had. It was great being with a chef who loved to share"- Jack & Germaine; California

"Damian is the best thing to come out of New Zealand since Marmite & Cadburys chocolate!" - The Andersons

"Forget Jamie Oliver, Rick Stein and Gordon Ramsay, we now have the 'D' factor - that is Damian!" - Paula & Simon

"Thank you Damian for your endless delicious meals and feeding us way beyond a five star restaurant" - Reena & Mike


email:   info@dining-direct.com
mobile:   (+33) 06 74 56 18 61

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